Wednesday, November 18, 2009

FlavorNerd? FlavorDweeb? FlavorDork!

As the following Venn diagram illustrates, there are distinct differences between geeks, dorks, dweebs and nerds. At first, this blog was very nearly called FlavorNerd. However, a detailed analysis revealed that we don't have quite the requisite amount of social ineptitude to qualify.

So, FlavorGeek it is!

(Many thanks to whoever out there originally came up with this much-copied diagram.)


  1. What is a Flavor Geek?

    To really know flavor geeks we have to have a lasting sample of gracious and, if somewhat unobtrusive, pirating of forlorn examples of human depravity. Then we as a people can bring to the table our own utensils. An honorable and worthy goal to be sure, but will it matter in a cosmic sense, where the empirical laws that govern are all but forsaken!? Of course, this is nonsense!

    Who knows where this can lead? Who dare to speculate the probable outcome? Are we so enamored as a culture that we can't see the forest for the undergrowth? Slash and burn! Slash and burn! Surely there must be an alternative, but when will it rear it's molecular fanny for all to see and experience?

    How clear it is now! How could us flavor geeks have been known sooner? The sad answer is that we couldn't have known any sooner because sooner never comes after later. The cumulative wisdom that is so dependent on trial and error simply takes a long time, and man, geologically speaking, has occupied only a tiny, tiny portion of the line that makes up the universal condom.

    Until then what can we do? Molt our accumulated geekiness—that’s what we can do! Just molt our geekiness in a flavorwise sense. Together, as a community, of course.

    I hope this explanation helps.
    Love and hugs,
    Your Mother

  2. Uhm, yes. Yes, I believe that explanation definitely helps.